[rosedu-general] Tech Talk: Your Web Stack Would Betray You in an Instant

Razvan Deaconescu razvan at rosedu.org
Mon Apr 27 17:49:02 EEST 2015

Razvan Deaconescu via rosedu-general <rosedu-general at lists.rosedu.org>
> Salutare.
> Împreună cu cei de la Softwire[1] organizăm o prezentare tehnică foarte
> interesantă în zona web, securitate și open source. Va fi susținută de
> Tim Perry și este intitulată "Your Web Stack Would Betray You in an
> Instant".
> Prezentarea va avea loc marți, 28 aprilie 2015, de la ora 12:00, în sala
> EG301 din cadrul Facultății de Automatică și Calculatoare. Pizza și
> sucurile sunt la ordinea zilei :-) Ne vedem acolo!
> Detalii despre prezentare și prezentator găsiți mai jos și pe pagina de
> Facebook[1].
> ---
> Securely setting up a web stack today is a tricky balancing act, as you
> gingerly balance frameworks and services and tools all atop one another,
> ever higher, to get all mod cons happily running together safely and
> correctly. One security flaw though, and the whole pile tumbles down on
> you to throw your customer passwords to the world.
> In this talk we take a stroll down through a modern web stack and
> examine some recent major security breakages in each layer to see how
> they work and why. With any luck we can work out how to avoid this sort
> of thing in future too, when either using or building such tools, but if
> all else fails we can at least relax from all the careful balancing with
> a little schadenfreude.
> By day Tim Perry is a technical lead and the open-source champion at
> Softwire, guiding teams, building a variety of great software at every
> scale for clients, and pushing Softwire to engage with and give back to
> the wider software development community.
> By night he's a prolific open-source contributor on huge variety of
> projects including JUnit, Mockito, Knockout & Lodash, and some of his
> own, such as loglevel, and is feverishly keen on all things relating to
> automated testing, polyglot persistence, and good old-fashioned
> high-quality software development.
> ---


Vă reamintesc de prezentarea "Your Web Stack Would Betray You in an
Instant" care va avea loc mâine, marți, 28 aprilie 2015, de la ora
12:00, în sala EG301. Ne vedem acolo!

> [1] https://www.facebook.com/events/422720737910397/


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