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Pentru cei mai obosiți (încă) după sesiune împătimiți ai hackathoanelor,
las mai jos câteva detalii despre unul la care se poate participa și
online, fără niciun compromis de la statul în pat:


*Think you could come up with a way to optimize Internet coverage for
Project Loon balloons? Or how about routing Google Street View cars through

Step into the shoes of a Google engineer and tackle these types of
challenges during Hash Code <http://g.co/hashcode>, a team-based
programming competition for students and professionals (18+) across Europe,
the Middle East and Africa organized by Google. You pick your team and
programming language, we pick a real-life engineering problem to solve. Are
you up for the challenge?

The competition is divided into two stages:

   - *an Online Qualification Round on 23rd February at 18:30 CET*
   For this round, your team can participate from wherever you’d like,
   including one of our Hash Code hubs
   <https://hashcode.withgoogle.com/hubs_list.html>. Hubs allow for teams
   in the same location (eg. city or university) to compete side-by-side in a
   more fun and exciting environment.
   - *a Final Round on 1st April*
   Top scoring teams from the Online Qualification Round will be invited to
   Google Paris to compete in the Final Round of the competition.

Find some teammates and sign up today at g.co/hashcode!

Toate cele bune,
Dorinel Filip
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