[rosedu-general] Zombie meme

Dragos Comaneci drcomaneci at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 16:11:21 EEST 2008

2008/6/13 Razvan Deaconescu <razvan at anaconda.cs.pub.ro>:

> You are in a mall when zombies attack. You have:
> 1. One weapon
> 2. One song blasting on the speakers
> 3. One famous person to fight along side you.
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1. A nuclear bomb should be enough and it solves the zombie problem in O(1).
2. Kamelot - March of Mephisto (i just like that song)
3. Someone to strap the bomb to and to distract the zombies while I retreat
to a safe distance , let's say George Bush!

Dragos Comaneci
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