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Ok, cine are cont pe blog sa intre sa vada draftul si eventual sa aduca
imbunatatiri, corecturi sau injuraturi:

*DEX Online: At the course's end*

As you might have already found out, the 3rd edition of the ROSEdu Community
and Development Laboratory is at the end. On Sunday, 17 April 2011, in our
faculty of Computer Science we will present our final results in our

We were glad to meet Cătălin Frâncu, the owner of the website DEX
He told us something about software engineering, working in a big company as
a programmer and also as an engineer, the difference between software
engineering and programming and he told us about his experience at Google.
After the presentation we talked a little about developing DEX Online, about
solving the bugs, implementing new features to the dictionary and we hope
that more students will have a contribution to this project so important for
those who speak Romanian.

I proposed to ROSEdu to put DEX Online on the list of projects for ROSEdu
Summer of Code <http://soc.rosedu.org/2011>. I think that it would be a
pleasant experience: reading code, solving bugs, finding bugs in other
developer's code, working in team and learning from your colleagues. For
instance, I had almost no knowledge about XML and Javascript and I had no
idea that they might be extremely useful in developing extensions for
popular browsers. I also didn't know how to make a website with PHP and a
whole database in SQL work on my local machine, just as it works online,
hosted on a server. Thanks to my colleagues and my mentors I discovered this
new things.

*COMING SOON:* What we managed to do in the project.

2011/4/15 Mihai Barbulescu <b12mihai at gmail.com>

> Salutare,
> Eu propun urmatoarele trei lucruri:
> - am sa scriu un blogpost in care voi povesti despre intalnirea cu Catalin
> Francu si despre faptul ca "pregatim o surpriza" (adica realizarile pe care
> le avem) ... si o mica povestioara despre faptul ca ne-a parut bine sa
> lucram, ca unii vrem sa continuam (eu personal sunt destul de hotarat sa ma
> mai joc cu solutionarea unor buguri de acolo si sa ma familiarizez mai mult
> cu codul DEXOnline + sa aduc imbunatatiri extensiilor mele), cam cum au fost
> lucrurile (bug-uri, aventuri cu greseli minore in cod nesesizate la timp,
> discutii, invatat tehnologii, experienta etc. - vad eu ce poveste tes, nu
> trebuie sa fie lunga).
> - o sa demarez lucrul la postul final, dar nu prea stiu care ce a facut
> - sa facem o prezentare powerpoint scurta pentru duminica...eu o sa incerc
> sa ii fac un mic design (primul slide, eventual un cuprins si imagini si
> text cu ce am facut eu, eventual urmand sa completati voi mai departe cu ce
> trebuie).
> Ce ziceti?
> Cu bine,
> Mihai Barbulescu
> --
> Fiecare are scopul lui in lumea asta nebuna
> www.gothik12.com

Fiecare are scopul lui in lumea asta nebuna
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