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Stiti pe cineva interesat de un proiect de 1-2 luni in ASP.NET si

Mai multe detalii mai jos.


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Mi-am amintit de tipii care au facut Atmosphere-ul... poate sunt 
interesati. Please forward.

Contact: Cristóvão Bento
E-mail:  cbento at criticalsoftware.com

[13:55:48] Cristóvão André Carvalho Bento: Hi guys...
[13:56:28] … I wanted to ask you if you know anyone that might be 
interested to work for a period of 1 to 2 months in a project in ASP.NET 
and C#.NET
[13:56:34] … it can be a student
[13:56:45] … this has nothing to do with Critical Software
[13:56:55] … its a project for a friend of mine
[13:56:58] … its an interesting project
[13:57:12] … the selected person will be of course paid accordingly
[13:57:30] … I need this person to start working as soon as possible...
[13:57:51] … he/she doenst need to have much experience with C# or 
ASP.NET as long as he is a good programmer
[13:58:05] … can you please help me to find someone...
[14:00:57] Mircea Bardac: I personally do not know people in MS technologies
[14:00:57] George Milescu: I will search among my friends
[14:01:13] … am keep you informed if I find someone
[14:01:16] … :)
[14:01:31] Mircea Bardac: apparently, I know George who might know 
somebody else :)
[14:04:28] Cristóvão André Carvalho Bento: :-)
[14:04:44] … it can be some student from 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year also...
[14:04:51] … as long as he knows what he is doing...
[14:04:59] … or a freelancer...
[14:05:06] … already with experience...
[14:06:16] Mircea Bardac: hmm.. I might know somebody else who knows 
somebody else....
[14:06:26] … I'll keep you in touch
[14:06:28] Cristóvão André Carvalho Bento: exactly :-)
[14:06:41] … I need this person to start in maximum 2 weeks from now


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