[firefly] [PATCH 00/18] Resend of usbip-utils migration patches and various other fixes

Valentina Manea valentina.manea.m at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 17:53:51 EET 2014

I was notified that one of the patches in the series (staging: usbip:
claim ports used by shared devices) breaks the build.
I take full responsability for this as I haven't compiled the kernel
with allyesconfig and I am sorry.

This can be fixed by moving struct dev_state, usb_hub_claim_port() and
usb_hub_release_port() declarations from include/linux/usb.h to
usbip/stub.h, and leaving the declarations in usb/core/usb.h

Should the fix come as a separate patch or v2 of the broken one?


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