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Mihai Barbulescu b12mihai at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 22:41:47 EET 2011

Salutare tuturor...

Dupa cum stiti sambata, in timp ce discutam despre ce ne-a iesit si ce nu pe
la DEX Online, m-am apucat sa scriu un post despre proiectul
nostru...momentan a ramas ca draft:

*About DEX Online*

We all want to use an online dictionary, because the advantages are obvious:
it is very easy to search the words, you do not have to carry the big book
(reference) with you...you only need internet connection and the correct
address to the dictionary.

*Our goal*

There are a lot of bugs reported by developers, volunteers or users and we
try to solve some of those with high priority.

Our main goal is restructuring the database model provided by DEXOnline,
because the one we have now is pretty bad. Also we want to implement a
crowd-outsourcing system (eventually on Facebook) and integrate the database
with Alvee technology for detecting contextual cohesions of lexems.


First of all, before every major contribution to this project, it is obvious
that we need to make some simple, short improvements and to solve the bugs
from this project.

For instance, we want to search the definition only from a source (say that
I want the word "cuvant" and to search for it in the dictionary of synonyms,
I know what it means, but I need synonyms...it is impossible at  this
moment, because even if you select the source you want to find the word, the
dictionary outputs definitions from ALL sources...which is not so good). We
really need to fix that!!!

A new feature is called "Word of the day" - extremely useful for those who
want to learn new words in Romanian, or to "refresh" their memory about a
word and its meanings. Every important dictionary has this feature.

Related to the word of the day, it is obvious that another good improvement
is showing a random word from the database. The are two ideas: a button
called "I'm feeling lucky" which pop-ups a window with the word and its
definition and another one to display on the first page the word. Maybe,
you, the users, can tell us how it is better for you.

We look forward to creating a toolbar (especially for Firefox, Chrome and
Internet Explorer) some widgets for webmasters for this scripts. It is a
very good way to "spread" the Romanian language.

*Problems appeared during our work*


*Further development (?)*

*What technologies we use in developing the project*

   - PHP & MySQL
   - JavaScript
   - Object-Oriented Programming

Astept sugestii de imbunatatire, corecturi daca am gresit pe undeva (posibil
sa se fi intamplat) si adaugiri, daca aveti. Sper sambata la curs sa reusim
sa il si terminam :) . Apoi am inteles ca ar mai trebui vreo 2 post-uri ...
ce ar trebui sa contina? Ca de descris scopurile noastre, proiectul si ...
ce vrem sa facem am cam facut...

Toate bune,
Mihai Barbulescu

Fiecare are scopul lui in lumea asta nebuna
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